The Importance of Hiring Your Next Superstar
February 29, 2016

IgnitionHR Launches

The experiences of a 25-year career in Human Resources contributed to the founding of IgnitionHR.  The talent services we provide are the result of having served at top large and small companies such as EY, Willis Towers Watson and DCI Group.  Throughout the journey, we have recruited top talent needed for expansions, motivated talent with development programs and managed downsizings.  We have deep knowledge of systems, tools and processes needed to improve talent which helps companies link talent to their business strategy.  We’ve been successful in demonstrating how effective talent management contributes to a company’s bottom line.

Why IgnitionHR?  Most small and mid-sized companies do a credible job of meeting administrative human resource needs.  What many are missing, though, is a coordinated approach to talent.  This is where IgnitionHR comes in.  We can help you link how you attract talent with how you develop and challenge your employees and ultimately how you motivate those employees not just to “stick around” but to thrive.   Better aligned talent will give you the time you need to focus meeting the needs of your clients.

Please come back to view future postings which provide useful talent attraction, retention and management tips.

I am excited to say that we now have IgnitionHR to help build the capacity of our clients to strengthen and grow their companies. -Patrick Rogan

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